Reflections towards a new era

A new era has begun, let us reflect on the past and prepare to go to a brighter future. It's good we hear again the beautiful words will change when we conducted our fate to be better than the past era.
Mother Theresa:
- ► If you're just trying to judge a person, then you'll never be able to love them
- ► If we cannot love the people that we can see, How can we love God the invisible?

Swami Vivekananda
- ► If you do not see any problems, then you will never believe that you are on the wrong path

Adolf Hitler
- ► If you win, do not comment ...
- ► Pun, if you lose, it goes without reasonable ...

Bennie Blair
- ► Wayne, does not mean to be "most".
But ...
Win, is because you do better than before ...

William Shakespeare
- ► The three keys to success:
a. Know more than others
b. Try harder than others.
c. Expect less than others.

 Leo Tolstoy
- ► All people think to change the world... But no one thinks to change themselves ...

 Albert Einstein
- ► If someone feels that they never make mistakes in his life, and then in fact they never try new things in her life.

Bill Gates
- ► If you are born into poverty is not your fault, but if you die in
poverty that is your fault. 

Are you ready to continue to live in a cage of the past that had been shut your dreams?

Do not let life pass you by without a change to a more clear direction and purpose to achieve the dream come true.


We have 86400 seconds in a day, and we do a lot of things in that span of time. But have you ever spared 300 of those seconds to reflect?


How to start a real success?

Not all activities and efforts will be easy to do, but there must be a strong will and spirit to achieve the dream even if not successful, but every effort will be very valuable to note, and could be material evaluation.



Everything is connected by the fragile threads of our decisions. Every step you take, every move you make, it affects others, no matter what. (By Putu Agung Wija Putera, Singapore)


Start the Day with Smile

”Start the day with smile and have a good day – Don't forget to pray before u start your day” BY STEPHEN COVEY